Microsoft reassures Xbox Series X fans


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Department Head said (X-BoxXbox has Microsoft (Phil Spencer): The launch of the next generation Xbox Series X gaming platform is still scheduled for later this year, but the fate of gaming production is unclear. In an interview with CNBC CNBC, Spencer pointed out that there might be “some influence” on the Xbox S series X dates, but “our team is doing a very good job keeping our devices on the right track.”

Microsoft did not provide a specific date for the release of the Xbox Series X rather than saying that it would be launched during the holiday season 2020. And many official Xbox sites had set the date of the launch date of “Thanksgiving 2020”, but Microsoft She said: This is not accurate, and the company remains committed to launching during the holiday season that runs from the end of November to the end of the year.

While the platform is still on the right track, things are less clear about games, as Microsoft is only officially committed to launching the Halo Infinite game alongside the Xbox S series, but even this game and other first-party games will not be exclusive to the Xbox platform. The New

Given that Xbox game developers now work mostly from home, they create and share the assets of games that are usually several gigabytes across US home Internet connections, which is a difficult challenge. So the company may face some delay compared to if they were developing from the workplace.

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