Mental health experts: “Ramez Majnun official” does not pose a danger to viewers (report)


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A number of doctors specializing in psychoanalysis confirmed that the case of the attack on the dumps program “Ramez Majnoon Rasmi” is due to the success achieved by the program over 10 years, despite the warnings of the Mental Health Hospital about the danger of watching the program on the behavior of young adults because of the scenes of violence and the distress links it contains The program, as well as asking the media union to stop the program broadcast on MBC Egypt.

Dr. Ibrahim Magdi Hussein, a consultant psychiatrist, assured «Al-Masry Al-Youm» that the Ministry of Health should use the success of the Ramiz program in campaigns to educate citizens about the dangers of the Corona virus, and said: “Each year, Ramiz is attacked by some but we find a high turnout rate Watching the program is great, and it achieves the highest viewing rates, thus achieving the highest rates of advertisements. Hence, the idea of ​​relying on it comes in campaigns that can be utilized like Corona and other things that society needs.

Hussein pointed out that the Ramez program falls under the quality of entertainment and variety programs, and is widespread in the largest countries in the world, criticizing and mocking big symbols in countries, and sometimes reaching the President of the United States of America, but we in Egypt do not have a culture of accepting criticism based on a person’s position or appearance or A modern method, and we consider it bully and sadistic, and in fact, it does not deviate from the framework of an entertainment art and an entertaining program for everyone.

He explained that the artists who appeared with Ramez over 10 years in 300 episodes, we did not find that any of them was harmed or complained of any psychological harm, but on the contrary, you find them laughing and accept the matter for the sake of humor and entertainment, and the public is enjoying the matter, asking why this use is not used In campaigns such as support for cancer patients, and to be awareness-raising and serious campaigns, not Shehata as some do.

He said: “People are trapped by corona and all that is happening in the world, and they do not live in Ramez, they will not talk show programs, and applications on the Internet broadcast films and downside series and establish principles and ideas that are not compatible with our customs and traditions, absent awareness, and do not coincide with religion, and its danger to society is very large And for the people who say that the program establishes the idea of ​​torture and sadism among children, I tell them if you are afraid for your child, he will not be watching, on the program, and I will also block the action movies, and he will not sit on the net because the action program is 100 times more dangerous than the Ramez program, which does not come out of being a wasteland A little bit tough. ”

For her part, Dr. Rasha Al-Jundi, a consultant psychiatrist, said that the continuous criticism of the artist Ramiz Jalal for his presentation of the program “Ramiz Majnoun Official” broadcast on the channel “mbc” in the month of Ramadan was aimed at entertainment and laughter, and that most of the critics and opinions based on the point of fear on the guest of the episode and fear Children and youth should be affected by this type of program and try to imitate it in reality with those around it as a matter of humor.

The “soldier” added to “Al-Masry Al-Youm” that the “declared reasons for criticism regarding the mental health of children, adolescents or young people are illogical, so you must present to them the reality of reality and how to deal with it, and it is not correct to tell your child that no one is playing with fire as you see in The program, or prevent them from watching it, because in your life your child may later meet someone playing with fire on the street. ”

As for Dr. Mohab Mujahid, a psychiatrist, he confirmed that the Ramiz Jalal program is one of the entertainment and entertainment programs like all international programs, and he does not believe that he has a goal other than entertainment and achieving the highest views and revenues, excitement and suspense, and that the reactions of the guests and the comments of Ramiz and his challenge to the guests aim to attract viewers to follow it To achieve success and profit.

Mujahid described what some people repeat, the goal of the program is to change society’s ethics, the negative impact on children and support for violence. It is unjustified because the program’s message is profit and attract ads like the whole program, noting that children are not all “one template” and cannot be influenced consistently, stressing that the drama Television and cinema have much greater violence than the Ramez program and there are many of them that are not suitable for children. In spite of that, only those responsible for it wrote “+18” and left the choice to the viewer, and I believe that the program succeeded in reaching people and achieving the highest views, so some criticize it unjustifiably and exaggeratedly. Regarding the impact on children, some children will watch for fun and laughter as they go to amusement parks and play games similar to the program and horror games, and there are some children who are negatively affected by these programs and their number is small, and parents should educate them and choose the content that suits them.

Mujahid concluded his remarks by saying that I am against imposing any wills on the content presented in the program “Ramez Majnun Official” because the father and mother are the true wills of their children and not TV.

The Abbasiya Mental Health and Addiction Hospital, affiliated with the General Secretariat of Mental Health at the Ministry of Health and Population, issued a statement attacking the “Ramiz Majnoon Official” program presented by the artist Ramiz Jalal on MBC Egypt, linking what Ramiz does and leads to psychological tension among many viewers Corona virus infection.

The statement stated that, “Given the current difficult circumstances, which the whole world is going through from the spread of the Corona virus, and the state of anxiety, fear and tension that dominates most of the people of the world, and in line with government directives, putting the health of the Egyptian citizen in priority and providing all available medical services, to maintain Citizen’s health, and because of our belief in the role of psychiatry in raising the morale and stability of the psychological state of the Egyptian citizen, we have noted with interest the actor Ramez Jalal’s program, “Ramez Majnoon, an official” broadcasted daily on one of the private satellite channels.

He added: «And we found that the program carries a lot of violence, torture, mockery, and disdain for the guests, and delights in the pain it causes for others, and the practice of bullying them, amid the laughs of the presenter, and in contradiction with the human and human humanity, which people must deal with each other, which is considered Underestimating human values, and deliberately spreading satisfactory behaviors, and the implication of enjoying the torture of others and degrading their human dignity, and this is what we see as a threat and a threat to the mental health of the Egyptian citizen, and the viewers of the program, old and young.

The program had been subjected to a flood of attacks by many groups, individuals and the public since the first episode that was presented, which was hosted by the artist Ghada Adel, where many journalists and members of the Egyptian parliament demanded to stop broadcasting the program.

On Thursday, the Supreme Council for Media Regulation issued a statement on the program “Ramez Majnoon Rasmi”, presented by the artist Ramez Jalal on the MBC Egypt channel.

The council said that it “continued what was raised during the past days about the program presented by Ramez Muhammad Jalal Ahmed Tawfiq, and his reputation is Ramiz Jalal, which is shown on MBC Egypt during the current month of Ramadan, and discussed many of the complaints that were received with him in order to prevent the broadcast of the program referred to.” .

The Council added: “Judging from the constitutional role of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation and also from the role legally established for it under Law No. 180 of 2018 regarding the regulation of the press and media and the Supreme Council for the Regulation of Information as well as the regulations issued for its implementation, and in pursuit of the rule of law the Council affirms that the independent guard is responsible for organizing Press, audio-visual and electronic media affairs respect him and his appreciation for all the opinions that have been raised during the past days regarding the program referred to, which was the basis and goal of the public good ».

He explained that «MBC Egypt channel is one of the foreign channels owned by MBC Free Zone – limited liability- and has a foreign license from the Dubai Creative Complexes Authority under No. 30391 and its headquarters are in Dubai Media City, and the council has previously addressed the Egyptian Satellite Company Nilesat »To inquire about the source of the broadcast signal of the referenced channel and the satellite receiving the signal, and reported that the broadcast signal is launched from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to the foreign satellite« Arabsat »and the incoming signal is transmitted from abroad via the Egyptian satellite« Nilesat » Through space leased to u KE MBC and through which the signal transfer channels package owned by MBC company numbering twenty-channel ».

He continued: «The Council also previously addressed the media public free zone in the Sixth of October City affiliated with the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones to inform whether or not the channel referred to is authorized to operate in the media free zone system, and a letter was received stating that the channel referred to is not One of the channels licensed to operate the media free zone ».

The statement went on, saying: “In view of the above and since the Supreme Council for Media Regulation does not have the authority to date to impose any of the sanctions or measures on the channel referred to in the event that it departs from what it broadcasts from the Egyptian media framework as it is not one of the channels authorized to operate in the media free zone system or Licensed by the Supreme Council for Media Regulation.

The Council added that with the issuance of the executive regulations of Law No. 180 of 2018 on February 16, 2020, it has become obligatory for MBC Egypt to reconcile its legal conditions to practice its activities inside Egypt within six months from the date of the issuance of the executive regulations referred to pursuant to the text of Article Two of Law No. 180 of 2018, explaining: “Also, the Council has previously decided to address the owner of MBC to reconcile the conditions of its channels operating in Egypt, before the legally prescribed deadline expires.”

On the other hand, actor Ramez Jalal filed a lawsuit against Dr. Tariq Saada, head of the Media Syndicate, in his “fingerprint” before the Administrative Court of the State Council, requesting the ruling to cancel the recent decision to stop the program “” currently broadcast on MBC Egypt satellite channel. ”

In his lawsuit, which was filed by his lawyer, Ashraf Hussein Abdelaziz, Ramiz said that he was surprised by the media and not through the legal announcement to issue a decision from the media syndicate that prevents his client – Ramiz Jalal – from practicing media activity until his legal status in the syndicate is implemented, according to the union law.

The lawsuit added that the decision is in violation of the law and amounts to nullity for several reasons, the first of which is that Ramiz Jalal is a member of the Syndicate of Acting Professions and is not considered a media activity in the cinematic, television or theatrical works as well as entertainment works according to the Law on Media Personnel No. 93 of 2016, where the artist Ramiz Jalal does entertainment It is not considered a media activity and is not subject to the Media Syndicate.

The lawsuit also said that the contentious program practiced media work outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, meaning that it was photographed and produced within the United Arab Emirates in accordance with the procedures followed, which means that it is not addressed by the Media Syndicate Law.

The text of the first article of the Media Syndicate Law states that: “Media activity is every activity that broadcasts news, information, ideas, opinions or facts from their source through audio and visual means with the intention of informing and informing public opinion about them. It is not considered a media activity for dramatic, cinematic, television and theatrical works as well as entertainment works.

The lawsuit confirmed that all the guests of the episodes did not file any of them with any complaint indicating that he was harmed by the program or appearing in it, which makes the decision to prevent the program from being issued in violation of the law and that it misuses and deviates the use of authority and must be canceled.

Dr. Tariq Saada, captain of the media, had announced that Ramez Jalal would not appear on any media outlet inside the Arab Republic of Egypt until his legal status was reconciled.

The decision stated that this came with reference to what was stated in the report of the Observatory for the Media Syndicate on Violations, which is followed by the official Ramez Majnoon program presented by Ramez Jalal.

A source in the «MBC Group» commented on the media syndicate’s statement, and stressed that it is specific to the media outlets that broadcast from inside the Arab Republic of Egypt and it does not apply to the MBC channel group, as it is a group of non-Egyptian channels and broadcasts from the United Arab Emirates in accordance with the laws followed .

The source in the «MBC Group» confirmed that the program “Ramez Majnoon Official” is produced by a company registered and legally registered in the UAE, filmed in the city of Dubai, and has record views on all platforms and channels that are presented to it, namely MBC Egypt, MBC1, and MBC Iraq , And MBC5 for the Arab Maghreb, which all broadcast from the UAE to all countries of the world, via various satellites, in addition to the platform «Watch» for video on demand «VOD», and the program continues to display it on time immediately after breakfast, and the program hosts in the episode «Tonight» The artist Jasmine Rais.

The same reliable source pointed out that this type of entertainment program is present strongly globally and is very popular on many of the leading televisions and networks, and the same applies to “Ramez” program in every season, as evidence that the first and second episodes of “Ramez Majnun Official” for this season have enjoyed With record viewership and millions of interactions, today it is at the forefront of most preliminary estimate studies of viewership, and the number of views of the program’s promotional advertisement on the Internet and social networks has exceeded 34 million views so far.

The same source concluded by stressing that the program’s episodes are broadcast only after obtaining the approval of the concerned guests, after exposure to the mold and not before it, so that these approvals allow the episodes to be presented in a framework of mutual understanding and mutual trust.

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