Megan Markle worries the royal family again .. Will she publish her memoirs?


For several weeks now, the British royal family has been concerned by the announcement that a book on Megan Markle and her husband Prince Harry, titled Finding Freedom, will soon be published.Some news indicated that Megan contributed alongside reporters, Omid Scooby and Caroline Duran. A daily Mail report said that the book relied on her private diaries that she had written for nearly two years, that is, since she joined the royal family.

In this case, many questions arise about what was included in these notes, as the newspaper pointed out that the former duchess was adept at expressing and writing. In this regard, a report of the French Match newspaper, Paris, indicated that the book may show the true face of Archie’s mother and that it is not intended to settle accounts with her husband’s family.This comes after the unprecedented decision announced with the latter last January, where they expressed their desire to stop performing their royal duties and obtain their professional and material independence.

The announcement raised a wave of discontent among the press following the news of the royal family in Britain, especially after huge sums were spent to re-equip their former residence in Frogmore Cottage before they decided to move to the United States of America.


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