Media attack Victoria Beckham for abandoning 30 employees because of “Corona”


Media attack Victoria Beckham for giving up 30 employees due to Corona

The decision of British fashion designer Victoria Beckham sparked sharp criticism last week, after it announced sending 30 of 120 employees on unpaid leave because of Corona.

Many media outlets have criticized such behavior at the present time despite having a wealth of 335 million pounds and recently purchased a house in Miami at about 20 million pounds.

Victoria justified what happened by saying that the decision makers are shareholders and administrative heads. She explained: “We had no idea at the time how long the ban would last, nor how it would affect companies and departments.”

The British newspaper “The Sun” had previously conducted a survey that showed that 80% of respondents do not agree with this decision, as Good Morning Britain criticized Beckham and called it “fake project” because its project did not achieve any profits Since its foundation in 2008.

“The government’s aid is not intended to help the millionaires,” said broadcaster Pierre Morgan.

British politician Robert Halvon told the British newspaper “Daily Mail”: While millions of people are struggling, millions of people should help the state instead of looking for profit from the pressure taxpayer.

It is noteworthy that the compensation program is that the government pay 80% of the salaries of employees in fashion companies affected by the Corona virus.

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