Mazen Al-Natour was appointed an ambassador for peace .. He was referred to a disciplinary council for this reason


Mazen Al-NatourHe is a Syrian actor, born in 1966, in the Daraa Governorate, inSyria, And graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus.
He started his artistic career by participating in the sound performance of animation, with a number of animation programs, including “L.”Captain MajidMowgli, Kung Fu School, and Little Hunter.
He is a member of the Syndicate of Artists in Syria since 1987, a member of the Syrian National Theater, and a member of the “Al Ain Al Shaabi” theater inUAE, He worked as a director and actor in the “Al-Ain Al-Shaabi” theater, and participated in dozens of Syrian and Arab dramas.

His works
Mazen Al-Natour participated in the monodrama festival in Fujairah, through the play “Spring Sonata” in 2012, and founded the production companies “Al-Aseel Artistic Production” and “Samt Artistic Production”. He also produced the series “Safar” and “Fares Al-Shouq”, and has special works With it, it has settled in the Emirates a long time ago.
He presented his first known TV roles in the movie “Ah Ya Bahr” in 1993, then he performed the role of “Hamad” in the series “Jawaher”, through which he achieved fame on the Arab level.
The balance of Mazen Al-Natour carries fifty series, the most prominent of which are “behind the walls” and “the circle of revenge” in 1995, “Justice of the Desert” in 1966, “Safar” in 1998, “Spear of Fire” in 1999 and “Al-Bawasil” in 2000 and “Departure to The other face “in 2002,” Fares Bani Marwan “and”SpotlightIn 2004, Al-Hour Al-Ain in 2005, Asad Al-Jazeera In 2006 AndLawrence of ArabiaShelving and shelving in 2008, Faces and Places in 2015, and Tamasha 6 in 2017.
He also participated during his artistic career in many theatrical performances, such as “The Dungeon, the signature of your brother in humanity, the private barber, the story of a suit.”

Ambassador of Peace
In 2018, International Peace Without Borders chose Mazen Al-Natour, a Syrian representative in the organization, and an ambassador for peace in her name.
And he published a video recording confirming that he had won the title, expressing his hope that peace will prevail in the Arab world, and that he would complete the mission assigned to him by the organization to the fullest.
In this regard, he said in the video that the title will be a strong motivation for him, to provide more tender.
The organization said that it honored Mazen Al-Natour for his prominent role in the humanitarian field, and in appreciation for his artistic career and cultural giving.

Interruption and return
Mazen Al-Natour was cut off for many years from the small screen, and he returned in 2010 to offer good options, reminiscent of what he presented to the Syrian artistic scene in the early nineties, and soon thereafter, and he was known about him after his graduation from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus, embodying many roles pointing to his talent in the theater And television, and his travel and permanent settlement in Dubai may have been absent from the screen, amid work and family preoccupations, which he found a distance from the world I love.
The return of Mazen Al-Natour in episodes of the series “Spot Light” in his new season, and in the series “Anna Al-Quds” by presenting the historical figure Abdullah Al-Tal, constituted an important return for him, and he promised not to stop work, anymore in response to the internal call that he was asked to Back to acting.
He said: “I did not disappear, but perhaps I was absent from the artistic scene, with some friends of mine who I stayed in contact with, and who remained the thread that connected me to this medium from which I started, but sometimes one behaves based on some reactions, and you may see him regret it later, and this What happened with me, I saw what I did not like in the artistic community, and I felt that if I moved away, I felt better psychological comfort, and in fact I was busy in the period in which I stopped acting so much, so there was an inner voice leading me to return, and thank God I found many opportunities and friendships waiting for me So I did not feel the difficulty of returning to acting and standing again in front of the camera. “

His opposition position
Mazen Al-Natour holds an opposition political opinion, and in November 2016, the Syndicate of Syrian Artists issued a decision regarding his referral with seven other artists to the Disciplinary Council, and he was dismissed from the union due to his political positions.


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