Maya Diab exposed Ramiz Jalal


The Lebanese artist Maya Diab exposed the Egyptian artist, Ramiz Jalal, and said that she was about to be a victim of the landfill program (Ramer Majnoun Rasmi), which was presented by Ramiz in the month of Ramadan via the channel (MBC Egypt).

Maya said in the live broadcast that she appeared with Kuwaiti media star Ali Negm, that the Corona Virus saved her from the prank, and that she was already aware of when she was invited to the program, but she was aware of the details of the prank.

Diab justified her failure to attend the (Rams Majnoon Official) program, with the Egyptian star Ramiz Jalal, that Corona virus saved her because the decision to stop the flights prevented her from traveling to Dubai to film the episode.

She also commented on the attack regarding the presentation of the Ramiz Jalal program, which was described by some as the sadist: (The truth is difficult .. but all guests know in advance that they are going to Ramiz Jalal, but they do not know what the details are .. And if the issue is like this, it was as easy as every guest raises an invitation Program and channel).

Maya was a guest on the program (Ramez Shark Al-Bahar), two years ago, and her statements now that revealed the truth of the real and honest dumps of Ramez, all the stars who appear in the Ramez episodes are aware of some of the details of the program in advance.


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