Mark Quinn: Corona in color


Like everyone else in the time of the Corona virus, artist Mark Quinn is going through a difficult, emotional stage. But unlike most of us, Quinn found this challenging reality a source of inspiration for creating a stream of creative works, personal visual notes of the global health emergency.His viral-inspired paintings, which were first published Wednesday by The Guardian, are phone screen shots (screenshots) of news stories from several newspaper platforms, printed on huge paintings, painted by Queen in oil colors.
The paintings, also available on Mark’s Instagram page, delve into the paradox of living in a critical time with an unseen enemy.

Commenting on the project, Quinn assures the Guardian that “as an artist, the only way I can deal with reality is to transform it into art … that’s how I understand and understand the world.” In the past people used to paint portraits to celebrate historical moments, and now we have a historical moment that happens every 12 hours, every hour, so how do you interact with that as an artist? How is a historical painting accomplished now about perhaps the most articulated event we will ever have? ” He explains that his feelings about events change all the time: “Adoration, frustration, anger … It is an emotional washing machine. In one day, he will pass all feelings. It is a wonderful time to make art and also a difficult time to be a human being. All the people I work with usually work from home, so I went back to basics. Me, the painting, some paint and calm. ”
Mark Cowen notes that he plans to donate a portion of every sale of this business to the National Health Service (NHS) and WHO. To date, he has about 20 paintings: “The studio is full. “I don’t know what to do with all of them.” It should be noted that this collection is an extension of another that Quinn has accomplished over the past ten years called “History Paintings”. It includes exploring concepts of order and chaos with realistic panels based on news reports of riots and revolutions.


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