Marcelo: I signed for Juventus for Ronaldo


The Brazilian Real Madrid player, Marcelo, expressed his happiness in his team, confirming that he does not want to leave the royal club, after the news that he talked about his desire to move to Juventus.

Marcelo has lost his place in the starting line-up this season, given the outstanding performance of Fairland Mende.

The Brazilian player confirmed that he did not want to leave Real Madrid, adding: “I do not think Real Madrid will sell me. I have provided very good levels in Madrid since I arrived, it has been a long time, and it is an incredible story. It is good that other teams are interested in me, but I do not I know something about Juventus’ interest, according to what was reported in the newspaper website.Marka” Spanish.

“Two years ago I signed (Juventus) already, and I wore the team shirt, because I couldn’t live without Cristiano Ronaldo. People invent a lot of things,” he said sarcastically.

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