Mandela’s inspiration puts Pavar on the right rail in Bayern Munich


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Munich (Germany) (AFP)

“I never lose. I win or learn.” With this slogan, Nelson Mandela lied to Benjaman Pavar, who doubted his adaptation to Bayern Munich, before the French defender in a few months became a cornerstone of the Bavarian team.

After coming last August from Stuttgart to the team that crowned the European title five times, “an expert in German football” confidently told French radio, “We know that Pavar will spend his season on the bench.”

The world champion’s response came in broadcasting: 36 of 39 appearances for his team this season (3 goals and 5 assists). Only the goalkeeper, commander Manuel Noir and star Joshua Kimmich spent more time on the green rectangle!

Surprise? “For those who criticize me, yes, but not for me. I came to one of the biggest clubs in the world, if it is not the biggest, for play, I fight every day for that,” said the 24-year-old former Lille player to L’Equipe this week. I am successful until now. ”

Before receiving Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday in the local league, the Bavarian lead the standings, four points behind Borussia Dortmund. Eight matches remain for the nickname “Bunji” by his teammates, in order to raise his first title in the German league.

– After the difficult World Cup –

Of course, skeptics can claim that two of the two strong defenses of the two primary defense hearts, Niklas Zollh and French Lucas Hernandez, at the start of the season were not expected. But Pavar knew how to take advantage of the opportunity, especially for his ability to occupy several positions.

Originally he was the heart of a defense, but he played on the two galleries and in the middle of the defense according to the needs of his team. Since November, his coach, Hansi Flick, has settled into his right-back position, as did Didier Deschamps with the French national team.

He finally responded to the criticisms in an interview with Radio RMC: “Some say that there is no right back, and they put Kimmich in the middle … but if I had not been good at this center, I think they would have found a way to put me on the bench.” .

“This means I am good, I have confidence in the club and the coach. I feel like I am enjoying on the field,” added Maubeuge.

His goal last Sunday during the victory over Onion Berlin at the resumption of the league proved that he was in a good form, after stopping for a long time after the forced leave of Coronavirus.

Doubts were also present after the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. He returned tired and spent a difficult season with Stuttgart, so he ended up in the second degree, which exhausted him morally.

– Fragrant history –

But Pavar has extra energy, and on his leg protector he wrote the slogan of late South African President Mandela: “I never lose. I win or learn.”

“This quote inspires me,” says Pavar. “In every game, exercise, and in other life situations, I say to myself,” You learn from losses more than victories. ”

In an interview with Bayern Munich, published early in the shutdown in March, Pavar talked about his father, who was his first coach, “He was always advising me about things I should improve on. From him he kept that spirit. I grew up like this: Self-thinking makes you stronger.”

Pavar is looking to improve his offensive advantage, while he did not cross the midfield last season with Stuttgart.

The young player who appreciated the German mentality in Stuttgart, quickly found his position in Munich. “This is a club that suits me. A value that resembles me … When you enter, you feel history. It becomes stronger when I see the French who passed through here and went on for so long, this is a real family.”

Former club president and strongman Olli Hoeness was convinced in October, “Pavar has proven that he will be one of the best outings we have had.” Hoeness realizes what he has to say, having contributed to the inclusion of the other Frenchmen, Jean-Pierre Papin, Pixente Lizarazu, Willie Sanyol and Frank Ribery, some of whom have become legends of the club.


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