Maj. Gen.: Serious suspicions circulate over the involvement of one or more former ministers in a file under investigation


The Secrets of the Gods – “The Day”

The difference in the statements issued by the office of the Prime Minister and the related party regarding the contents of the communications received by him, the last of which was the communication from the Orthodox Patriarch and before him the French Foreign Minister’s call, was repeatedly observed.

Some ambassadors in Lebanon followed the details of the meeting with Baabda and what I accompany it at home and abroad, to build on its requirements through what Lebanon will witness in the next stage politically and economically and how they deal with the Lebanese file.

A struggle that has come to the fore revolves around the party that will be responsible for the electronic media sector after it began to occupy a prominent role in good media or media blackmail and takes a sectarian approach in some of it.

Secrets – “The Republic”

One of the ambassadors expressed his dissatisfaction with the use of a ministry in a concerned institution in an important sector of another country, despite the size of its aid.

Censorship reference surprised the campaign launched by a political party in a sensitive file most of its owners and friends involved.

Close to a large authority, it is considered that politics moves the positions of officials in a prominent current away from national accounts.

Secrets – “The Brigade”

The relations between a major country and a regional state are witnessing an improvement in the conduct of matters on the ground, which may positively reflect on the easing of restrictions on Lebanon!

A young minister adheres to her vision to fill vacant positions, in institutions subject to her tutelage, whatever obstacles and difficulties ..

Serious suspicions are circulating over the involvement of one or more former ministers in a file under investigation, as well as diplomatic and local follow-up.

Asrar- “The Call of the Nation”

It is known that the government will not appoint a replacement for the governor, Ziad Shabib, until after the end of his term in the administration, and that is mid-month.

It is rumored that the Minister of Finance will raise a basket of new names for financial appointments, but not in the very near future, while it is decided that no renewal will take place.

Two candidates for the presidency of the Union of Juma Municipalities in Akkar visited a party MP from the region at his home in Hazmiyeh to obtain his support, even though he was not from their own political orientation.

Asrar- “The News”

A director general in a vital sector ministry complains of a lack of communication with the minister and his advisers failing.

A political team participating in the government complains about the performance of a minister who refuses to cooperate in the file of appointments at a national company affiliated to the guardianship of her ministry.

Secrets – “Building”

Financial sources said that opening the doors of banks and the return of money changers to work are expected during the next week in the light of consultations taking place between the Association of Banks and the Money Exchange Association with the Presidency of the Government and the Bank of Lebanon. Ibrahim has a pivotal role in these connections.

Iraqi sources expected that the central issue in the concerns of the new government will be the state of the state’s financial and living conditions for citizens in light of horrific figures about the possibilities of a financial and living collapse. And put the American exception to the Iraqi government from sanctions with regard to importing gas and electricity from Iran in the context of the American concern about ISIS control of central Iraq if the state collapses.


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