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Keep your privacy ..

Maintains your privacy .. The best 3 alternative search engines for Google Chrome The search engines are one of the users ’secrets boxes not only because we urge them for everything, but because they memorize the sites’ passwords we enter on, and if the main search engine that you use is not good enough , You are in danger.
And many netizens resort to saving passwords of some sites that they access on search engines, especially Chrome, to avoid forgetting them.
Steps to hide your search history on Google Chrome
The USA Today newspaper reported that there are many good search engines that can be used and relied upon regardless of the most popular search engine, Chrome Google Chrome, with which privacy issues have increased.
1- DuckDuckGo
The search engine DuckDuckGo is one of the best engines related to privacy, and the download of the search engine DuckDuckGo reached 20 million downloads in 2019, while the number of downloads now by users reached more than 100 thousand downloads per day.
Jack Dorosy, founder and CEO of Twitter, has said that he loves to use the DuckDuckGo engine and that he has become his main search engine for a while now and this app is much better than other applications like Google. After updating Outlook .. Microsoft invites users to switch to Edge browser
1- Opera
The search engine Opera contains many and various features, including that its new version, Reborn 3, that it connects you directly with some applications such as Facebook and Messenger, and it enables you to see the search history or pages related to your search, and Opera is a engine that has a high security rate, and it also has VPN is free and it is a virtual private network. The engine has several other characteristics as the engine has another engine specific to phones and is characterized by being fast in the search process and is also more accessible than other engines that are used on phones.
3- Firefox
Firefox is the second most popular engine worldwide after Google Chrome, and is considered the best search engine for privacy seekers, since it has proven since 2014 that it places great importance on the privacy of users.
Google suggests better results to improve your search on Chrome

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