Maduro: Thank you, Iran, for all the support you give us


The Venezuelan President sends a message of thanks to Iran, after the latter sent oil tankers, despite the US sanctions imposed on the two countries.

  • Maduro sends a word of thanks to Iran
    Maduro sends a word of thanks to Iran

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for his thanks. “Thank you for all the support you give us … and we are ready for anything at any time, whatever and wherever and whenever … Iran! Peace be upon you …” he said.

Maduro sealed with a salutation, raising his hand on his forehead.

It was the Pentagon Advertise He is not aware of how to stop Iranian oil tankers heading to Venezuela.

“We are not aware of any military plans or efforts to stop, search or destroy Iranian oil tankers destined for Venezuela,” he said.

The Pentagon came after the Venezuelan Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, stated that Iranian crude oil tankers would soon arrive in his country.

He revealed that ships and warplanes will continue to enter tankers in the territorial waters of Venezuela, after

“We have established a direct line of communication with the Iranian defense minister, and when all these tankers enter our exclusive economic zone, they will be accompanied by boats and aircraft from the national armed forces, to welcome their arrival and to thank the Iranian people for their solidarity and cooperation,” Badrino added.

In conjunction with Iran warning the United States against interfering in the issue of supplying it with energy, shipping traffic monitoring sites confirmed that a convoy of five Iranian tankers was on its way to Venezuela, which was loaded with 220 to 240 million liters of gasoline.


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