Madagascar heralds medication against Corona and “World Health” we want to test it first – Covid-19


The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged Madagascar to undergo scientific testing for an herbal remedy, which President Andre Rajoelina says is a treatment for the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

“We have offered to support the design of a research study into this product,” said Machidiso Muti, WHO regional director for Africa, on Thursday.

Moti added that the organization met with the President and the Minister of Health to discuss based on what circumstances such a study could be conducted to determine the efficacy of the product.

“We are not underestimating the product, but we would like it to be tried,” Motti said. “So when we (make it widely available) this is based on some evidence.”

It is noteworthy that the herbal remedy called “Covid Organics”, prepared by the Madagascar Institute of Applied Research, is made from wormwood grown on the island in the Indian Ocean.



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