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The PUBG Mobile game is one of the best games in history for iPhone and Android devices and many other gaming devices, as the game topped the list of the best games on the Google Play Store for 2019, and as the last statistic of the number of players in Mobile Phone reached to more than 850 million players, and this The number has not been achieved by a game before the ages, as it comes in second place to the list of the most popular games, Culott Duty Mobile, where the number of its players reached more than 550 million players, and in the third place comes the game of Fort Knight, where the number of its players on various platforms reached more Of the 490 million players, the BBG Mobile game continues In attracting players by launching many updates that work to add new features that attract more players, and in this article we will put you a link to the mobile game for Android and iPhone systems through the official stores of these systems.

What is the game Mobile Phone and what are its contents

  • The popular mobile game is based on the Battle Royale * championship system, which no game has ever had on phones.
  • The game contains within it a total of 4 maps in classic mod and the names of the four maps as follows: Angel’s basic civilian map, Miramar map with a large desert climate, Vekindi snowy map and Sanhok map that resembles the forest environment.
  • The game allows you to connect to more than one Internet server, according to the regions and the server most used by players, mainly the European server, and that depends on the speed of your internet connection and your housing region, such as: the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the game’s server. .
  • The game also contains more than 10 phases and modules divided into 3 categories: Classic, Arena and Arcade, and each phase contains many models and various game maps.
  • The game contains a special store that allows you to buy the best forms of crews and housing for weapons, bombs, vehicles, bags, and more.
PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile
  • The game allows you to play with your friends who play the game on Facebook after you allow the game to access your Facebook account, as each team inside the game contains 4 players or less as a maximum.
  • The game allows you to create a special game (Room) or a room in Arabic, which is to make a special game that controls and controls you personally and you can play all phases in the game through this rum and you can add your friends to 100 players in the classic mode and the number depends on the type of map that I chose it, which is one of the most important reasons why the game seemed fun, interesting and attractive to players and enables you to make challenges with your friends.

* The definition of the Battle Royal phase: simulates the landing of 100 real players from different countries of the world in one of the four maps mentioned in this article in one game in which the killer blue (Zoon) that is activated between periods during the game works to limit the players until the final confrontation that is During which the winner is announced in this match, which is the person or team that has withstood the last game, and as each team in the matches contains a maximum of 4 players and in the classic match there are 25 teams maximum, and the game allows you to play individually and without team members against a team Full quad or play you and r Daekk only against an entire team in the classic mode and so on.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

Important alerts and tips before you start playing Piggy Mobile and install it on your device

We remind you the most important tips and alerts that are useful to you and that you should learn before you start playing the game as a new beginner, so that you make mistakes in which most of their players have fallen and the tips are as follows:

  1. The game, with its interesting and fun content, is capable of making you addicted to it and able to make you unable to extinguish it and not play it for more than an hour, as you will be vulnerable to appearing addicted to it and delaying your actions until the game you are playing ends.
  2. The game is also able to make you distract with it and waste no less time and make you lazy in the performance of your practical duties and the duties of worshiping God.

    PUBG Mobile
    PUBG Mobile

  3. So our advice to you is to not make this game judge your mind and make you addicted to it to the point that you are unable to leave it for more than an hour until, then set a system for you not to play the game more than an hour or two per day, and as there is everything harmful, this game It contains a large amount of things that make God Almighty angry, whether with its content which contains the bodies of naked women and dances that contradict the Islamic law, Oh God, I have reached God, I bear witness.

PUBG Mobile game link for Android

We put the game link for you through the Google Play Store Google Play, the official store for Android systems for Samsung devices, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, IKU and many other devices that are running Android system, where we put you all the game information through the store and its size and the average game rating in the store and the game link, continued to know On the information.

First: Through the Google Play Store: –

The exact name of the game via Google PlayPUBG MOBILE
Average game rating of 5.04.4
Game size with basic data1.70 GB
issue number 0.18.0
The game link via the Google Play StorePUBG MOBILE

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Second: Through Samsung’s store, Samsung Galaxy devices: –

The exact name of the game via the Galaxy StorePUBG MOBILE – Mad Miramar
Average game rating of 5.04.3
Game size with basic data1.67 GB
issue number0.18.0
Link to the game through the Galaxy StorePUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile game link for iPhone IOS

We also provide you with the link to the game in the App Store, the official store for iPhone devices running the IOS system, and we mention to you all the information about the game in the store, as there is a copy of the iPhone systems, follow below to know the information.

The exact name of the game via the App StorePUBG MOBILE
Average game rating of 5.04.3
Game size with basic data2.4 GB
issue number0.18.0
Link to the game via the App StorePUBG MOBILE

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Link to PUBG Mobile for PC via the official Tencent Game emulator

Peggy Mobile worked more than a year and a half ago to provide the ability to play a version of the Peggy Mobile on computers through a simulator that Tencent Game Company has developed officially and made it available for free download. We mention all the details and information for installing the game Mobile on the computer, continued to know.

The name of the official webbie mobile emulator for computerGame Loop
Game size with its own emulator upon installation3.5 GB when downloading
The requirements to run the game via Game Loop emulator on a computerWindows 7, 8, or 10 system with 32 or 64 bit core.
RAM must be a minimum of 3 GB.
A dual core processor with a minimum speed of 1.8GHz from Entel or AMD.
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 / 9600GT or ATI / AMD Radeon HD2600 / 3600 graphics card.
Peggy Mobile game emulator linkPUBG Mobile Game Loop

Peggy Mobile game Korean version for Android and iPhone

Also there are wonderful and distinctive branched versions of the mobile phone game, and you can learn more about it, install it and play it by visiting the following article.


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