Lewis Hamilton is Britain’s richest athlete of 224 million pounds – Sports – Arab and International


The British “Sandy Times” newspaper revealed that the six-time world champion in the “Formula 1” races and Mercedes team driver, Lewis Hamilton, is the list of the richest British athlete in history, adding a new record for his distinguished group in the record records.

According to the newspaper, the British achieved an increase of 37 million pounds in his wealth last year, to possess an estimated 224 million pounds, which Hamilton achieved as revenue from motor racing and participation in advertising campaigns, which enabled him to become the historically richest athlete in Britain, knowing that Hamilton He is still in competition, and he is expected to break more numbers in the coming seasons, in addition to an additional £ 50 million in profit from his new contract with his current Mercedes team.

Hamilton surpassed a list of many sports stars in Britain, among them the most prominent football star David Beckham, who achieved in his sports career until his retirement in 2013, nearly 200 million pounds.




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