Lebanon icon .. Who is Salah Tizani who appeared with “Ghaith Al Emarati”?


The unknown Emirati young man, “Ghaith”, brought smiles and joy to the life of Lebanese artist Salah Tizani, one of the icons of art in Lebanon and the Arab world.In the 22nd episode of “My Heart Reassured”, Ghaith met Tizani, who is 92 years old, and is living in difficult conditions as he does not have a health guarantee like the rest of the artists of his generation.

Ghaith gave Tizani a two-year health and pension guarantee, and he indicated that the honor that he had requested would reach him, in addition to providing treatment for his sick wife, and surgery for his friend Zaghloul, who was part of his artistic group.

Tizani thanked Ghaith, who described him as “an angel from heaven.”

It is noteworthy that Tizani was born and raised in the city of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, and there he made his way to art, on the stage of a scouting band called “The Scout of Help” in the mid-1940s, before establishing later the “Navir Band” that went on to advance plays in various Lebanese villages.

Tizani became famous as “Abu Salim” in relation to the character of the hero of his famous comedy series “Abu Salim”, on Lebanon TV in 1959, and the series lasted until he stopped in 1975, due to the Lebanese civil war, before returning again during the nineties retaining his comedic style.

Tizani presented many other works, including series: “The Assembly Car, Everyday’s Story, The Seven Doors, The Fake Millionaire, The Happiness Hotel”.

Among the plays were: “Al Musafer, Naim and Fahim, Seferberlik, Bint Al-Haris, Fakhreddine”, in addition to the films “Abu Salim in Al Madinah, directed by Haseeb Shams, and Abu Salim in Africa.”

After his busy career, Salah Tizani became involved in trade union work, through several positions in the Syndicate of Theater, Film, and Radio and Television Representatives in Lebanon, until the last election of the Syndicate in April 2018.

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