Lebanese Minister of Finance: The financial plan is historic and includes for the first time real figures


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My weight assured Al-Gomhoria that the plan will be a valid ground for discussion with the IMF, pointing out that it “implies a positive message to the international community because it includes clear and practical steps to achieve the reforms that the French Finance Minister focused on during the communication The phone is between me and him, so it is expected that the echoes of the plan abroad will be positive and have confidence. ”

“My government was also keen to gain the confidence of the interior in the plan,” he added. “This explains that, before its approval, it consulted with economic bodies, labor unions, experts, university presidents, and others in order to secure the widest possible national embrace of it.” He explained, “There is an aspect of the plan that needs laws issued by the House of Representatives, and there is another side that requires decisions from the Council of Ministers,” stressing that “the government will rush as far as possible to implement the related part, and it started a while ago to issue reform decisions.” .

He pointed out that in the future, a flexible policy will be adopted in determining the exchange rate, pointing out that “the direct transition towards this flexibility is related to improving economic conditions, the start of public sector reform and communication with the International Monetary Fund.”


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