Large quantities of Corona Virus found at Stockholm Health Bank


Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter said that an institute has found large concentrated quantities of the new Corona virus emerging in sewage in the capital, Stockholm.

The analysis was carried out by the Royal Institute of Technology at the Bromma water purification plant, west of the capital. Institute officials told the newspaper that the test could predict a second wave of an infection The virus.

The newspaper reported Swedish Samples have been taken from two water treatment plants in Stockholm since the beginning of April to monitor how the amount of virus residue has evolved over time.

The preliminary results showed an increase in the concentration of the virus in the Bromma station, where the waters of the northern Stockholm suburbs are desalinated, and a marked increase in the content between the first and second samples.

The institute said that the research quickly turned into a major research project with the participation of six countries.

No cases have been reported of Covid-19 infection through drinking water or sewage.


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