Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper Capital Markets Authority: North Sham Al-Zour Company listed on the first market


             <h2>Coordination with the stock exchange to determine the date of commencement of trading on the company's shares

Shamal Al-Zour First Energy and Water Company KSC (General) is the company that owns the power and water plant, known as the North Az-Zour Station.

In a step that reflects the Capital Markets Authority’s keenness to conduct and accomplish the important works that are in the interest and support of the economy and financial markets in the State of Kuwait, and to enhance the investment opportunities available in it, in light of the exceptional circumstances that the State of Kuwait and the world as a whole currently passes, the Authority issued a decision approving a recommendation Kuwait Stock Exchange Company regarding the listing of North Zor Power and Water Company KSC (General) at the Kuwait Stock Exchange – in the first market, after the company completes the listing requirements mentioned in the twelfth book (listing rules) of the executive regulations of Law No. 7 of 2010 regarding the establishment of the authority and the regulation of securities activities and their amendments and the rules of the stock exchange.

This event represents the first listing of its kind for a company that was established under the umbrella of the laws of the Public Private Partnership. The Authority continuously monitors the file of listing companies established as public shareholding companies by requesting periodic reports to evaluate the timetable for submitting their listing requests, pursuant to the provisions of Article 2.1.1 of Book XII (listing rules).

                    <p class="ar">A statement to the commission said: “The authority focuses, through its regulations and the rules it adopts, on attracting specific listings for the money market, as it recently adopted many changes to the listing rules within the market development program, such as the proposal to divide the market presented by the stock market in 2018, in addition to many changes It was adopted in the twelfth book (Listing Rules) in 2019. </p>
                    <p class="ar">It is worth noting that Shamal Al-Zour First Energy and Water Company KSC (General) is the company that owns the power and water plant, known as the North Az-Zour Station. The capital of "first false" has been set at 110 million dinars distributed over 1.1 billion shares, the value of the share is 100 fils, and all the shares are cash, where 50 percent of the total total shares have been offered, at a value of 55 million dinars (550 million shares) For public subscription for all Kuwaiti citizens, as 66,916 subscribers subscribed.</p>
                    <p class="ar">The statement indicated that the stock exchange company will, in the coming days, coordinate with "North Az-Zour Al-Awalah" for energy and water to complete the remaining procedures ", determine the date of the actual listing, and start trading on the company's shares.</p>



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