Kuwaiti media Mai Al-Aidan is under fire after her mockery of the shape of Mohamed Ramadan’s father in this photo!


Controversial Kuwaiti journalist Mai Al-Aidan caused a firestorm of criticism against her after she bullied the Egyptian artist .

This came after Mai Al-Aidan published an old picture of the Egyptian star with his father, and it appeared in him kissing his hand, and she laughed at her comment from the father, describing it as “frightening”.

Commenting on the image, Mai Al-Eidan wrote: “For the first time, the image of Muhammad Ramadan with his father..and his father breaks,” to be subjected to a severe attack by her followers, which led her to retract her publication and delete it.

While Twitter posted the last picture of “Al-Eidan” before and after plastic surgery, and sent her a sarcastic message: “Get out of it?”.

Even though the sticks deleted the image, some had taken a “screenshot shot” to hang it, and traded it under many comments, most of which came to ensure that sticks often did these things in order to stir controversy, provoke people and get new followers.

Followers called on Mohamed Ramadan to file a lawsuit against her for insulting his father.

This is not the first time that Mai Al-Aidan has bullied over celebrities.

She mocked the coronation of Miss Algeria, Khadija Bin Hamo, from her because of the color of her brown skin, as she said at the time: “With you, this Miss Algeria, I mean the most powerful feature in Algeria, and God is on my mind Ethiopia is a waste in the sanctuary.”


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