Korean club threatens to deduct points after using “sex dolls”


Source: SEOUL – Reuters

The Yonhap News Agency revealed that the South Korean club may be punished with a fine or points deduction due to the use of sexual dolls to fill empty seats in the stands in a local match after the South Korean Football Association said that the disciplinary committee will investigate the incident.

The club put the dolls, some of which wore the team shirts, while others carried support signs, in the stands in Sunday’s match to compensate for the absence of the fans due to the restrictions of the new Corona virus “Covid-19”.

But television viewers quickly indicated that they looked like sex dolls and that some of the signs had the name of a famous sex doll maker.

Yonhap said that Seoul, who defeated Gwangju 1-0, could face a deduction of at least five points or face a fine of at least five million won.

The club apologized in an official statement, saying it had not verified the shipment sent to it by one of the suppliers and that it was not aware that the dolls were “sexual dolls.”


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