Kiss and hug … Germany fears “violations of the Bundesliga”


A German politician called for strict implementation of the health protocol accompanying the return of football league matches, after monitoring violations on the sidelines of Saturday’s meetings, which included hugs and kissing to celebrate the goals.

On Saturday, the Bundesliga, the Bundesliga, became the first major European soccer championship to resume activity after a two-month hiatus due to the new Corona virus.

The matches will be played without an audience, accompanied by strict hygiene measures to prevent any possible outbreak of “Covid 19”.

During the 6 matches of the 26th stage, held on Saturday, health restrictions were generally respected, but some violations were also recorded.

“Football is ahead of an enormous task to be a role model, so we have to respect instructions and attention,” Bavarian state minister Marcus Sueder told Sport 1 on Sunday.

The League has developed a health protocol, of 50 pages, that includes various aspects of training, matches and team members’ behavior outside the boundaries of the stadium.

Among the most prominent recommendations in it, respect for social distance during celebration of goals, and prevent handshake between players.

Despite the commitment of most of the players to these matters, on Saturday, spotted violations.

During the Hertha Berlin celebration with a goal against their host Hoffenheim (3-0), the Belgian Diederik Boyota printed a kiss on the cheek of his Serbian colleague Marco Gruec.

A number of Borussia players hugged Mönchengladbach after scoring a goal against their host Eintracht Frankfurt (3-1).


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