“Kiddy” arrests for working with “Al-Jazeera”


Cairo | After more than two weeks after the arrest of the Egyptian producer and director Moataz Abdel Wahab, and two journalists, the Ministry of Interior revealed their fate after accusing them of cooperating with the Qatari channel, Al-Jazeera, along with other accusations including “belonging to a banned group” and working to record reports of damage National security. The Ministry of Interior had previously arrested Abdel-Wahab and a number of his company workers in sudden prosecutions that were accompanied by violations, in addition to that they took place without a decision from the prosecution, and the ministry did not reveal their detention sites, as they were investigated in the absence of their lawyers. As a result of this, their arrest goals are questioned, especially as the company has a good reputation in the artistic production market and includes a group of artists, among whom are figures who have been reviewed security and originally working in channels belonging to the intelligence that conducts security checks for all of its employees from time to time.The Ministry of Interior distributed a statement yesterday, in video and audio, accusing the three of them, along with others, of working on “forming an organization that aims to harm the security of the homeland through the production and preparation of fabricated reports and media programs in exchange for huge sums of money, to incite against state institutions.” . The ministry also accused the journalist Abd al-Rahman Yusef al-Qaradawi, who is based in Washington, in addition to a number of personalities belonging to the banned “Muslim Brotherhood” group, of being behind the formation and its management from abroad through the “Time One Production Company” owned by Abd al-Wahhab, next to the “Boehmen” studio. Downtown Cairo. The Interior Ministry statement said that the defendants were intending to film reports in Sinai “to show the persecution of the people by the army and police,” noting that the defendants were referred after investigations for more than three weeks to the Supreme State Security Prosecution, which will begin extensive investigations with them in preparation for their referral to trial, while continuing Renewal of their incarceration.

There are companies that produce “Documentary Island” publicly and have not been exposed to them

This is the first time that Al-Qaradawi, the correspondent of Al-Arabi TV in Washington, has been accused in a case related to media work, knowing that Najla Al-Qaradawi, Ola, and her husband have been imprisoned for two years, pending similar charges in another case. Sources say to “Al-Akhbar” that several attempts were made to settle the matter through technical personalities connected to the officials in light of the good relations that bring together Abdul-Wahab and figures related to decision-making circles, “but the matter was not welcomed at all”, for reasons the sources say are unknown Especially since there are other companies working on the production of documentary films for “Documentary Island” and were not prosecuted. Therefore, the sources see that the accusations “do not go beyond words sent amid weak and unreliable evidence, especially as the company is licensed and engaged in artistic production”, and that “the arrested man who had documented the moment of his arrest through his Facebook page … later appeared in The videos are guilty of accusations, which raises doubts about what happened during their detention in the past days.


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