Kamel Abu Zekra, Ramadan champion


When the Corona virus spread in Egypt, Kamel Abu Zekra sent a strongly worded warning to those who did the artworks, who insisted on completing the filming of their Ramadan works. The famous director, known for her audacity, also defends the rights of workers in the technical sector and always demands their rights. This Ramadan, success was with the director through the series “100 Wush” (written by Ahmed Wael) by Nelly Karim and her compatriot Aser Yassin. Egyptian art sites and social media pages have agreed that Kamelah is one of the stars of Ramadan. The director is keen on presenting various Ramadan projects. In the current month of fasting, she took out her experience and put it in the comic “100wash”, which tells the story of a couple stealing a jewelry house. The business would not have succeeded had it not been for Kamila to put all her weight on a project bearing her imprint. The simplicity of the automatic scenes in the work gave it weight and elegance with which the viewer feels that the drama is based on reality TV. And his coherent scenes added to the series smoothly in the show. Knowing that the project is based on rapid action events, so the process of bonding requires skill and intelligence away from boredom. Spontaneous arrangement of scenes without any excessive cutting through montage. All of the factors that led Kamila to sign a project no less than her previous works such as “A Girl with Her Name Same” (Screenplay by Maryam Noam) and the series “Al-Nsa Prison” (by Maryam Noam), both of whom were starred by Nelly Karim. ……….
The series “100 Wush”: 18:45 on the Egyptian channel “Al-Hayat”


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