Jordanians stranded in Saudi Arabia demanding return (witness)


“I rested among my family” … a campaign launched by expatriates
Jordanians in Saudi Arabia to appeal to their country’s authorities to evacuate them to their country, after companies dispensed
A Saudi woman for the services of hundreds of them due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

Ahmed Al Hatta, Jordanian
Working in Saudi Arabia, he decided to launch the campaign on March 17, after Jordanians lost their jobs and cut off their jobs. He commented: “I launched the campaign and continued that day with
The Jordanian embassy in Riyadh, there are Jordanians whose situation is very difficult and they do not have the livelihood of their day.
After they lost their business. ”

He continued in an interview with “Arabic 21That number
Registered in the campaign 4000 people, including 420 Jordanians lost their jobs permanently, while
There are more than 700 Jordanians forced to leave without pay for 3 months, including me,
In addition, the 400 families whose financial situation is very difficult, and living on community aid
Jordanian, I rented an apartment for three Jordanians who were sleeping on the road.

According to the study of a forum
Jordanian Strategies (a semi-governmental institution) about Jordanian expatriates in countries
In the Gulf region, about 61.4 percent of Jordan’s expatriates work in Saudi Arabia, while 14.1 percent of them work in the UAE, and 12.5 percent in Qatar.

And is located in Saudi Arabia
Only 430,000 Jordanians out of 945,000 expats worldwide.

According to our campaign,
Difficult humanitarian cases were detected. Jordanians were terminated, we contacted the Jordanian embassy
In Riyadh, the embassy promised us a solution but we saw nothing, and we did not find a response from the Foreign Ministry
Jordanian, we demand our government to evacuate those wishing gradually, we supported the Jordanian economy
Over the years through the remittances that we send. ”

Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
On April 22, it launched an online platform for expatriates wishing to return to the country, in particular
Students are among them, provided that students have priority
Female and school students and Jordanians stranded outside.

Deif Allah Al-Fayez speaking
On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he says to “Arabic 21The “priority” is for students specifically
Females, school students and stranded Jordanians from abroad … and also to students
Those in countries experiencing difficult health conditions hosting large numbers of
Students. “

He continued: “All
Whoever returns will be subject to mandatory stone in the Dead Sea region at his own expense, and will be sponsored
The government will pay only those who are unable. ”

According to Al-Fayez, “a process
The return of expatriates will not be close. There is coordination with the countries in which the Jordanians are present.
And arranging flying matters. ”

Jordanian authorities wishing to return were given the choice between two types of stone
Sanitary, either in hotel rooms, at a cost of $ 100 a day, or in places of public quarantine, which is a phrase
Caravans in the Dead Sea at a cost of $ 20 per day, which will be for a maximum period of 17 days.

Add a Corona announcement

From other countries
Citizens joined the campaign
Residents of Arab countries, Fatima Gabriel, went to visit her sister in the Emirates on
Last March 12, a return ticket to Jordan was cut on the 22nd of the same month, except for the Jordanian authorities
Last March 17, it decided to close its airspace.

Fatima says
For “Arabic 21“I went to visit my sick sister in Dubai for a week, and I didn’t know that I would find myself stuck for about a month and a half. My husband works in Saudi Arabia and my children
I left them with their grandmother in Amman, my family is scattered, the Jordanian authorities should consider
Humanitarian cases, as I am, were presented on the Foreign Ministry platform, but I do not know when

And the authorities began
Jordanian, last Monday the entry of Jordanians who had been stranded on the border with Saudi Arabia since the date of last March 17.

Engineer Ahmed
Al-Alawneh, one of those who entered after spending nearly a month in Al-Qurayyat, was living
Inside a petrol station on the Saudi side, he says to “Arabi 21”: “After appeals
Ongoing, some of us were able to enter after being required by the Jordanian authorities to pay costs
Quarantine at the airport hotel and pay the cost of the stay for 17 days, an average of $ 70 in
Today besides having a Corona Exam, I am working in the energy field in Saudi Arabia and Muqtadir
Financially, but there are people who cannot pay and enter. ”

He continued: “The Jordanian authorities introduced most of the stranded, after a businessman who was also stuck with us on
The border, paying the sum for whoever cannot, there are only 15 people left at the border
The Jordanian authorities take measures to transfer them to quarantine.


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