Jordan – A world football star reappears 4 years after his death was announced … Watch


(MENAFN – Al Wakeel News) News Agent – The story of a football player from the Congo caused a sensation around the world, as it turned out that he was still alive after the announcement of his death 4 years ago.

A report on the “Your Interactions” program presented by the media, Sarah Dandrawi, indicated that the issue of the player Hanek Kampa in the German team Shalka has returned to the fore.

He pointed out that he appeared suddenly in 2018, when he indicated, according to international newspapers, that he had not suffered a traffic accident and that friends of his had left him in a forest and stripped him of his identification documents.
The report continued that his wife denied this at the time, and showed her death certificate. He stated that the German authorities had recently opened an investigation into the incident and started interrogating the wife, as investigations showed that she had done a fraud to obtain insurance funds.

He noted that the player is currently working in a factory and that he is ready to testify against the wife facing fraud charges.

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