Gaza “Al-Quds” dot com – The board of directors of the rising apple club this season met with the Assistant Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports Abdel Salam Haniyeh at the headquarters of the Council in the Palestine Sports Complex, to arrange for the next season in light of the Corona pandemic, and the lack of financial grant for the clubs.

The Apple Administration stressed during the meeting that it is attempting to prepare for the next season to stay in the limelight, and that there is no possibility of landing in an excellent degree, by holding many distinguished deals, and renewal of the team’s stars, especially since the apples rose 3 seasons after 25 years, before landing once Other.

In turn, Haniyeh stressed that these meetings are to emphasize cooperation and partnership with the components of the sports family, with the aim of advancing our sport, and working to overcome all obstacles facing sports clubs and institutions. He praised the state of harmony that the sports family had pursued for years, which resulted in consensual unions and boards of directors that led to the regularity of the official sporting championship.

In this regard, the Board of Directors of the Union Club of Beit Hanoun met with the administration of Al-Galaa Club on a visit to the club, and ways of joint cooperation in the coming season were discussed by exchanging experiences and loaning players


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