Jan Yaman learns tango dancing at the hands of his mother .. Watch her skill!


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Turkish artist Jan Yaman shared a video clip through his official account on Instagram, through which he announces the start of learning “Tango” on the occasion of “International Dance Day”, but his announcement was not of interest, as his mother who appeared in the video was the most important reason in That this video be spread among the star’s fans, as she appeared while she was dancing remarkably.

Commenting on the video, which has more than a million views in less than 16 hours, the Turkish artist said: “I feel lucky to be able to share such special moments with my mom, it helps me learn the tango, how wonderful!”, Adding: “The video above It is basically about what we are capable of, in just two weeks we are looking forward to improved dance, I cannot thank her enough. ”

It appears that the mother of the Turkish star, Ms. Govin Yaman, took the role of the partner in order for her son to learn to dance during the quarantine period, as it is known that the tango dance is only performed with the presence of two partners, especially since Yaman thanked one of the Tango dance instructors during his publication, which means that The mother and her son found this the perfect way for her son to learn to dance.

And as usual for any publication published by the star, this video did not go unnoticed by his fans, feeding many of them re-posted praising Yaman’s mother who looked very young by mastering the story in her black dress without ambush and side slit and her high-heeled sandal, indicating that if it had not been Yaman mentioned that she is his mother and they complained that she was his sister.

On the other hand, the Turkish artist is preparing to return to the screen through the series “Mr. Mistake”, which belongs to the category of romantic comedies, as filming is scheduled to start next May if the Corona crisis ends to be shown in the summer period.

The details of the work indicate that the actress Ozge Gurel will participate Yaman, while the artist Lali Yashar will play the role of his mother, while the artist Viri Baygo will play the role of the mother of Ozge.

According to international media, the Turkish actor will embody Ozgur in his new series, who is the owner of a night club who meets a beautiful and simple girl who has never laughed in her life for men, after which their story begins.

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