Italian Serie A teams defeat Corona and resume individual training tomorrow


Italian Serie A teams defeat Corona and resume individual training tomorrow

A letter sent by the Italian Ministry of the Interior to the local authorities stated that it is possible for the Serie A clubs to resume individual training starting tomorrow, Monday, in light of the continuing crisis of the Corona virus in the country.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said last Sunday that it is possible to resume individual exercises on the fourth of May this year and group exercises on the 18th of the same month.

But Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora later said that athletes belonging to individual sports could return to training on May 4, while team athletes should wait until 18 days.

Spadafora’s comments came under criticism and Sassuolo, the club’s rival in the first division, said on Sunday that its players will be allowed to use its training facility starting on Monday.

The Bologna club, which belongs to the Emilia Romagna region, where athletes belonging to team sports have been allowed to train individually from May 4, said that it is possible for his players to return to training starting next Tuesday.

The Campania region, where the city of Naples is located, said it was possible for the players to return to training, while the Napoli club has yet to comment on that.

“Athletes and non-athletes of non-individual sports, like any citizen, are allowed to engage in individual sports activities in public and private areas while respecting the rules of social distance for at least two meters and respecting the prohibition of gatherings in all its forms,” ​​the Italian Interior said in a letter to the local authorities.

The Serie A matches have been suspended since March 9. While the league and Italian federation want the game to complete the remaining games of the season, the government says it has not yet decided whether or not to allow it in light of the ongoing health crisis.


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