It was used to examine hemorrhoids … a stick about a quarter of a meter long stuck in a sick stomach


A 68-year-old Chinese man, still unidentified, felt stomach and back pain, so he went to the hospital for examination, and the shock was, as doctors discovered, after an X-ray examination, that a 10-inch stick stuck to his stomach.The patient was discharged from hospital after doctors removed the metal stick from his intestine, and media reports did not specify the length of the stick stick, but the Chinese table sticks (Kwai Z) amounted to about 25 cm (10 inches).

The video footage, posted by the Chinese Pear Video platform and carried by Veto Video, shows the sticky eating stick sticking to the patient’s abdomen, where he can be seen moving up and down a little while the patient breathes.

A doctor, who was not disclosed by local newspapers, said the elderly man visited a hospital in Chiang Yang, central China’s Hubei Province, on April 22, after suffering severe abdominal pain.

The doctor added: “An alternate physician examined him with x-rays and we saw a metal object in the patient’s abdominal cavity.” “During the surgery, we removed a metal stick from the colon.”

The patient admitted that he was using the stick to examine hemorrhoids “out of curiosity,” according to the “Daily Mail.”

The doctor added: “It is very rare, in fact, for a patient to pick a metal stick from the anus to a deep position in the colon.”

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