It may never disappear … WHO shocked the world about Corona


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On Wednesday, the World Health Organization warned that Virus Corona “may never disappear.”

Mike Ryan, Executive Director of WHO’s emergency program, told a news conference that Corona virus may become endemic as the HIV virus, warning of any attempt to predict the time it will continue to spread and called for “enormous efforts” To combat it, according to Reuters.

He said: “It is important to put forward these words. This virus may just become another virus that is endemic in our societies, and this virus may never disappear.”

As the senior WHO official added, “I think it is necessary to be realistic and I cannot imagine that anyone can predict when this disease will disappear. I see no promises in this regard and no dates. This disease may settle into a long-term problem, and it may not be As well”.

Ryan explained, “With the vaccine we may have an opportunity to get rid of this virus, but the vaccine must be available, it must be very effective, and it should be available to everyone.”

The statements of the World Health Organization come at a time when the number of deaths as a result of the infection of the new Corona virus around the world, yesterday, Wednesday, reached more than 294 thousand deaths, while the number of people infected with the disease reached 4 million and 313 thousand people, according to Johns Hopkins University.


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