Israeli cyber alert, fearing new Iranian attacks


Cyber ​​attacks between Iran and Israel have begun to turn into a war whose borders cannot be assessed from now, will they rise to attacks at higher levels, or will they remain within the cyber square itself? Mutual attacks, which were mostly far from public so far, and most of them are devoted to the service of intelligence gathering, have begun to come out into the open and target a strategic infrastructure, including what necessitated a special session of the “mini-cabinet” (cabinet) in Tel Aviv devoted to research. In the aftermath of the attack, Israel said it targeted systems to control the pumping and distribution of water to cities and settlements.After the recent Washington Post report, through which Israel announced, albeit indirectly, that it had launched a cyber attack on systems controlling the Rajai port in southern Iran, which was not a response to the latter’s attack, Tel Aviv expressed its fear of A new Iranian response targeting its strategic facilities. Security sources told Hebrew media yesterday (the “Walla site”) that the security establishment issued special instructions for sensitive installations and strategic infrastructure to “increase vigilance and caution for fear of an Iranian cyber attack, or pro-Iran.”
The security sources mentioned that the defense units against the cyber attacks in the Israeli army, as well as the “National Cyber ​​Authority”, have raised the level of preparedness and preparedness to confront and repel any nearby attacks, while the concerned parties are concerned about the possibility of targeting official sites, servers and other sites that provide different services in Israel, In addition to planting harmful penetration programs. According to Tel Aviv’s assertions, the attack two weeks ago, attributed to Iran, targeted the water infrastructure, and aimed at disrupting and damaging computers that control water pumping operations as well as the system for adding chlorine and other chemicals to drinking water, noting that the attack was discovered before it occurred Great damage. According to informed sources, the Jerusalem Post reported that the Iranian attack did not cause significant damage, except for problems in a few local pumping networks.


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