Is the English Premier League matches reduced? Know the truth


The British newspaper “Mirror” said that the English Premier League has denied the idea of ​​reducing game time to 90 minutes if the competition resumes again.

The English Premier League was suspended for about a month and a half due to the Corona virus pandemic.

A proposal to reduce the time of matches

And Gordon Taylor, CEO of the Professional Football Association, had revealed, in an interview with BBC Radio UK, that there was a proposal to reduce the time of matches in the event of the resumption of the Premier League matches.

Taylor said in his remarks: “We do not know the future, but we know what proposals and ideas have been put forward, including playing in neutral stadiums and increasing the number of substitutions, and that the half-time of the match is less than 45 minutes.”

It is not correct to reduce the time of matches

The British newspaper, “The Guardian”, confirmed that such negotiations on the timing of the match were not raised at all and that they are not among the proposals put forward for the return of the activity.

The English Premier League is hoping to return to matches on June 8, with the first Premier League match to be held on the 12th of the same month.

Rick Barry, CEO of the English Football League, said in statements to the Ministry of Culture and Sports in England: “I do not think that we will exclude any proposals or ideas at this time, we will think about all solutions that will reduce fatigue.”

Liverpool lead the competition with 82 points, 25 points behind Manchester City.


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