Is Taliq al-Arian’s divorcee originating from his first wife? (Video)


After the Syrian singer announced the authenticity of her divorce from the director Tariq Al-Arian, attention turned to his first media wife, Angie Ali, and there were several rumors about the return of water to her sewers between her and her first husband after they were together together recently in an Arab country, and Anji was silent throughout the last period, but she announced today and for the first time She answered a question, Will she return to her ex-wife ??

Angie confirmed in an interview with the director, Enas Al-Deghaidy, for the program “Sheikh Al-Harat and Al-Daray” that her return to her ex-husband Tariq Al-Arian is “impossible”, and she responded to the hadith of “Sheikh Al-Hara”, who revealed her presence with “Habib Al-Qalb” Tariq Al-Arian as he described it in an Arab country, This is the reason behind the cancellation of Asala’s Instagram post.Angie Ali said: “I am separated from Tariq Al-Arian, and after a long time he married the artist Asala, and he did not have a cheek for me, and there is no need to return the first costume, even if he separated from his wife … the impossibility of Mohandish and the need of her brother.”

She added: I was in Spain, doing the song (O Majnun, I am not Laila) for Asala, and I was married to Tariq, and he was a great director, known and important, and Tariq was the first man in my life and I loved him very, very, very much, and we worked a lot together.

She went on to say: Tariq and I separated, and each one had his life, because he was associated with originality, and I marry and from this time, neither is my side and I did not come along.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian singer Asala recently hinted at the possibility of her return to Tareq Al-Arian, and revealed her strong remorse for some of the decisions she made at the end of 2019 and early this year, and she said openly that she is in the spiritual spheres of Ramadan, considering a way to apologize for these decisions.


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