Is Real Madrid excessive services to James Rodriguez for rivals Atletico?


Spanish media reported on Tuesday that Colombian international James Rodriguez is on the verge of moving to Atletico Madrid.

The media reports were based on information reported by the Colombian radio station, “Blue Radio”, which said that the agreement happened 80 percent between Real Madrid and rivals Atletico.

Khamis suffered successive injuries that hindered his career with “Merengue” and removed him from the accounts of French coach Zinedine Zidane.

Atletico is seeking to complete the deal with its arch-rival, hoping that the Colombian will restore his usual level, which will benefit the “Roquebelanx” team, which is in need of a skill maker in the value of James.

Rodríguez took on the colors of the Colombian Infigado (2006-2008), Argentinean Benfield (2008-2010), Portuguese Porto (2010-2013) and French Monaco (2013-2014) before landing in Madrid (loaned to Bayern Munich 2017-2019).

The Colombian (28 years) has only played seven games with the “Royal” club in the Spanish league this season, scoring an orphan goal.


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