Iran expresses its fear of possible foci of Covid-19 in several provinces


On Thursday, the Iranian authorities expressed their fear of possible foci of Covid-19 in at least three provinces, and announced the death toll count of 71 and more than 1,800 new cases.

With a total of 114,533 infections, including 6,854 deaths, according to figures announced by the Ministry of Health Thursday, Iran is the country most affected by the emerging Corona virus.

“The situation is similar to what we have seen in recent days (in most provinces), but it is still critical in Khuzestan (southwest), and it may also be critical in North Khorasan (northwest),” said ministry spokesman Kyanosh Jahanpur.

“If the situation continues as it is, North Khorasan will need serious measures as well,” he added during his daily televised press conference.

On Monday, the Ministry of Health indicated that “there has been a decline in Khuzestan, with an increase in hospital admissions and a lack of respect for health measures.”

The authorities have closed down government departments, banks and commercial activities that are unnecessary in the governorate.

Since last month, the authorities have ceased to provide health status developments, broken down by governorates.

However, the authorities say that they fear that Sistan-Baluchestan Province (southeast) will become a hotbed of infection.

“We have not seen a similar rise in infections of the new Corona virus” since the end of February, said Qasim Miri, assistant president of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences.

In a statement to Elna, he added that the total number of casualties in the border province with Pakistan and Afghanistan was 909, including 821 recoveries and 59 deaths.

According to Miri, the rise is due to the residents’ lack of respect for the measures of “social separation and healthy protocols”.

The authorities allowed the mosques to be reopened temporarily in more than 150 provinces in the country, which they considered to be low-risk.

The government has allowed the resumption of commercial activity gradually and the lifting of restrictions on movement between cities since April 11.

Also on Thursday, Deputy Minister of Health Iraj Haririji announced that athletes will be allowed to resume training in 29 majors, including tennis and weightlifting.

He added to Esna that a decision would be taken regarding the Football Association on Saturday.

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