Investors accumulate liquidity and bonds as Corona’s concerns return


(Reuters) – Bank of America said on Friday that investors accumulated more liquidity, bought $ 15.8 billion of bonds and sold shares this week, in light of concerns about a second wave of Coronavirus infections and the global economy was under pressure for a longer period due to public isolation measures .

The data showed in a week until Wednesday that investors added $ 35.6 billion to the money market funds, bringing the value since the beginning of the year to $ 1.2 trillion.

Meanwhile, Bank of America’s processing of numbers showed that bond funds experienced $ 6.2 billion inflows, negatively affected by the outflow of “significant” inflows from emerging markets. Emerging markets saw a 13th week of inflows, with $ 5.6 billion exiting funds in the most recent week.

With expectations of greater economic hardship growing due to public isolation measures to tackle the Corona virus, investors expect the Federal Reserve to join the eurozone and Japan in adopting negative interest rates.

Last week, for the first time ever, federal fund futures showed a limited chance that a policy of adopting negative interest rates would reach the United States.

But Bank of America said that negative interest rates in the United States might lead to “retesting stocks to low levels”.


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