Infertility is one of them … 7 possible complications of corona that may be permanent


The World Health Organization confirms that those who have mild cases of “Covid 19” disease can recover within two weeks, while those who have more severe conditions may take three to six weeks to heal, and doctors expect that corona will affect many of the major organs in the body, including: It contains the heart, kidneys, brain, and blood vessels, which opens the door to the question of the possibility of leading to permanent complications for the affected person.

For his part, Joseph Brennan, a cardiologist at the Yale University School of Medicine, points out to Fox that he and other experts are concerned that some people with corona will suffer from long-term damage or damage, including lung scars, heart damage, and effects. Nervous and mental.Here are some of the possible complications that the Corona virus can cause in the long term.

Stroke and thrombosis: 5% of young Corona patients are at risk of developing a pattern similar to SARS.

Kidney Failure: Reports have indicated that people with severe symptoms of the Corona virus are exposed to severe kidney damage.

Male infertility: Corona causes fertility impairment in young adults recovering from it.

Loss of smell and taste: The virus is believed to cause temporary damage to olfactory nerves due to the virus entering nasal tissues.

Scarring in the lungs: The virus reduces the ability of the lungs to absorb and treat air.

Heart damage: the virus causes acute inflammation and heart failure.

Neurological and mental effects: Chinese studies have shown that the central nervous system is affected by the virus.

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