India’s fuel demand recovered gathering momentum while easing general insulation measures


Data from sources in India's energy sector showed that the country's fuel demand recovery is gathering momentum in the first half of May versus April, with a partial lifting of restrictions on transportation and industrial activities in areas that have succeeded in containing the emerging Coronavirus.</p><div data-qa-component="item-story" data-rc-highlight="story" dir="rtl">

    The demand for refined fuel is expected to receive a further boost from Monday, with India lifting further restrictions as part of ongoing public isolation measures after the last extension until May 31.

    Demand for fuel in India, the world's third largest importer and consumer of oil, fell to historic lows in April.

    The sales of state-owned refiners in gasoline in the first half of May fell by 47.5 percent year on year to 570,000 tons, but that was an increase compared to selling only 334,000 tons in the first half of April. Gasoline sales in April fell by 61 percent.

    The sales of state-owned companies of gas oil fell by about 38 percent to 1.93 million tons in the first half of May compared to the same period a year ago. It fell in April, with an average of 57 percent. In the first half of April, refiners sold 1.1 million tons of gas oil. Indian refiners have now begun to gradually increase their production after they had reduced crude refining due to the collapse in fuel demand.

    But sales of state-owned retail companies from liquefied petroleum gas increased by 24 percent in the first half of May compared to the same period a year ago, reaching 1.2 million tons, compared to an increase of 12 percent in April.

    And those sales increased because the country provides free cooking gas cylinders to the poor for a period of three months until June to help reduce the impact of public isolation measures on them.


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