Including Abu Raida .. 6 names Ahmed Ahmed competed for the presidency of K


Moroccan reports revealed 6 people competing Ahmed Ahmed The Confederation of African Football Confederation President K is on his post in the next elections to be held in March 2021.

Ahmed Ahmed announced his position on running for a second term as CAF president. See details here.

According to the Moroccan national team, six people have announced their candidacy to compete with Malagasy Ahmed Ahmed for the CAF presidency.

She continued: “The six personalities, some of whom have weight at the African football level, are preparing for a campaign that will nominate them, by making statements to the media.”

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The newspaper clarified the names of the candidates for the African Union elections, according to (Tunisian website, and they are: “Tunisian Tariq Bouchmawi, member of the executive office of the International and African Federations, and Congolese Konsten Omari, the first deputy of the African Union.”

The three are Ahmed Ould Yahya, president of the Mauritanian Football Association, Augustan Sangor, president of the Senegalese Football Association, and Jacques Anuma, president of the Ivorian Football Association.

The latter is Hani Abu Raida, a member of the Executive Bureau of the International and African Football Confederations, and the former President of the Egyptian Federation.

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It is noteworthy that Malagasy Ahmed Ahmed took over the CAF presidency in 2017, succeeding Cameroonian Issa Hayat.


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