In the White House .. An Arab leads the war against the epidemic


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While the epidemic is still claiming more lives around the world, scientists are making tremendous efforts and are racing against time to find a vaccine to tackle Corona.

It is expected that President Donald Trump, the former CEO of “GlaxoSmithKline” and an American general will be appointed to lead the government’s efforts to develop a vaccine. For the emerging virusAccording to a US official, reported by Reuters, on Wednesday.

A schedule named “Operation Wrap Speed” will also be prepared to accelerate vaccine development efforts.

Moncef al-Salawi
Moncef al-Salawi

The source told Reuters that the former CEO of “GlaxoSmithKline”, the pharmaceutical company, Moncef El-Selawi, a doctor and researcher of Moroccan origin, will work with the general surgeon in the United States, Gustav Perna, and will supervise efforts to develop, test and produce the vaccine in a short period of time to fight the pandemic.

“The darkest winter.”

Meanwhile, a US official who was removed from the presidency of an important health institution intends to warn Congress on Thursday that the United States will face the year 2020.The darkest winter“Decades ago if I failed to deploy coordinated response tools to the Corona epidemic.

Rick Bright is expected to sound the alarm about inappropriate measures in place to combat the spread of the virus in the United States, when he testifies before a committee in Congress.

“Our chances are narrowing,” Bright said at the hearing, according to his advance testimony released by Congress.

He also adds: “If we fail to develop a coordinated, science-based national response, I fear that the epidemic will worsen, increase its presence and cause unprecedented diseases and deaths.”

From New York on May 13
From New York on May 13

More than 294 thousand deaths

Corona has claimed at least 294,199,000 people worldwide since it appeared in China in December, according to an AFP tally at 19:00 GMT Wednesday, according to official sources.

Officially recorded more than four million and 305 thousand and 340 injuries in 196 countries and regions. Statistics only reflect part of the actual number of infections, as many countries do not conduct tests to detect the virus except for the most dangerous cases. Among these cases, at least one million, 473,700 people have been declared recovered.


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