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In a new statement by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman, Saudi Arabia announced that it will make trips from the Kingdom from several airports in Riyadh to return the expatriates stranded in the Kingdom to their countries, and a return initiative is carried out through the Ministry of Interior, I hope that those who wish to return will be a holder of a return and exit visa or exit visa. Final and then registers the way below in the initiative of return.

How to register for the initiative of Absher from Absher

The Awda initiative was launched by the Ministry of Interior Absher after a direct decision from King Salman, to contribute to the return of those who wish to reside in the country to return to their country after obtaining a return and return visa or a final exit visa. Coordination will be for flights to return expatriates between the Ministry of Interior and the concerned authorities. , And registration is done through the Absher site by following these steps:

* Enter the Absher site.
* Choose the return icon.
* Entering the required data, which are: residence number, date of birth, mobile number, the city you want to leave from, the airport to be reached.

How to obtain a visa from the most promising passports

Those wishing to return do not have to have an account on the Absher site, so the previous steps can be followed without registering a new account, in order to facilitate everyone’s benefit from the initiative without difficulties in applying, and through the most promising passports you can obtain a return and return visa or a final exit visa .

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