In an ideal step, Mbappe calls on France to implement what happened with Salah and Mani


Frenchman Killian Mbappe, the Paris St Germain striker, demanded the crowning of his fellow countryman, Wissem Ben Yeder, the Monaco striker, as the league’s top scorer.The French Football Confederation granted Mbappe the golden shoe, as the league’s 18 goals, the same balance of striker Ben Yeder, who came in the qualifier, to score 3 goals from penalty kicks, while Mbappe did not score any of the penalty mark.

Through his account on Twitter, Mbabe tweeted: “Thank you all for your messages. I think Wissam deserves to receive the award as well, as a reward for what he offered this season, which happened in the Premier League last season.”

The Premier League duo Liverpool, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, and Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were crowned top scorer, equaling the trio in the scoring balance last season with 22 goals.The French League announced the end of the unfinished season and the adoption of the current table due to the outbreak of the Coruna epidemic, and Paris Saint-Germain was crowned champion of the competition.

Russia Today


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