“I thought he committed suicide, and may God have mercy on him.”


12:35 am

Wednesday 06 May 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

“Nour”, son of Hisham Selim, the artist, made several statements regarding his sexual transit from “Nora” to “Nour”, in his first appearance, as he touched on many details related to his story, in an “online” meeting with the “Jaafar Talk” program. “With the journalist Jaafar Abdul Karim.

“Masrawy” reviews the most prominent 17 statements of Nour Hisham Selim:

– “I could not see a future for myself, no passport, no job, no need, but I learned, I love myself and work for me, and I didn’t want to tell my father and my mother any need other than when I know I want what.”

– “I describe myself as a transient, and I am not here to convince anyone that what he did was right or wrong.”

– “I was born with a feeling that I needed a mistake, and this is a topic for doctors.”

– “To what extent do you believe me that I built Adam like your own and wanted to live a good life?”

– “If someone would consider that I have a Viarette disease, we will understand it and feel it, and help those who dress like me to live a better life, and we will not renounce them.”

– “If I hadn’t done this, my time would have committed suicide and Papa would bury me.”

– “I am not happy to accept myself and try to understand it. I was a light and a girl and every need was all my behavior was born.”

– “Praise be to God, the difficult period is back, and I have good time.”

– “I stood before the door of Baba’s ritual door 18 times, so I informed him of my decision, and I was afraid, and I would go back and not be able to say it.”

– “I decided to say it, and I gave him a lot of time to meet him, saying I want to, and I can help you, how can I relax?”

– “Everyone is educated in his own way and thinking in his own way. I do not want to change the view of anyone .. I respect all people and I hope that they respect me.”

– “I spent two years not knowing whether I was driving or walking, two years I did not know I was a light or a light and who had no identity.”

– “My family supports me very much, my family is standing and raya, and all I want is my life, and the card stays in my name and my type is what I feel.”

– “I am fortunate that my father Hisham Selim and help me, when I saw him on TV talking about me, I felt I was born for a purpose.”

– “I am just the children of Adam, and whoever sees me wrong, or who does his forbidden work, speak with me.”

– “I am the son of Adam Koyes, doing good and with respect for those before me. Come, speak with me and see, I’ve gone through with him in my life.”

– “I am Egyptian and I would prefer an Egyptian, and I do not want to walk and go to the country. If it happened that all people hated me, you would have gone out of my life without hatred without what you know.”

Hisham Selim revealed the details of his sexually transiting son, “Nour”, for the first time during his hosting of the “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Dari” program with Enas Al-Deghidi, and his statement received great support from artists and the public who praised his understanding of the crisis.


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