I had Corona while facing Valencia in the Champions League


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reveal Jan Piero Gasperini, Coach Team Atalanta Italian, Realize it Recently it’s a suffer From virus Sk The newbie at Month March the past.

He explained Gasperini at Statements For the newspaperLa Gazzetta Delo SportItalian it’s a It was Sick I have Solutions His team As guest On club Valencia Spaniard at 10 March the past, at Home The role price Final For a competition Cyclic Champions Europe, Which match Erected behind door Closed Face Fans With Start spread pandemicCoved-19 “. He won Atalanta at That the match With a result 4-3, And qualified to me quarter Final In total 8-4 at going And back.

And he said Gasperini: ”Eve match Valencia I was Sick And yet Back day the match It was My condition worst. did not I was not I look Anyway Good one On Seating Replacements“.

He continued: ”It was that day 10 March. at The two days The next two did not Sleep but Slightly. did not I was not subsidiary From the heat, But I do I felt Fatigued As if My heat 40 “.

He explained the coach Adult 62 Year it’s a did not Subject To check revealCoved-19 ” Because he did not Not be Suffers From the heat, But he Make sure Before ten days From it’s a It was Suffers From The virus, After subject To check show up Existence Bodies Counter for him at His body.

He continued: ”It turns out Existence Bodies Counter, But This No Means That I am Acquired immunity Transformation Without Pick up Infection again“.

Revealed Gasperini it’s a distance four days From match Valencia, seem Feel To improve and surely the worst may be Over, Before that Returns And loses sense Tasting, Which From Symptoms Known ForCoved-19 “.

And take Atalanta From City Bergamo desk for him. And count City Which Located at north Italia, From well the basic For an outbreak The virus at The country at Months Past. He favored Experts And officials that Be match Atalanta against His guest Valencia at Go price Final Cyclic The heroes, And that Erected at 19 February, From the reasons Main For an outbreak The epidemic In a way Wide.

Hosted That the match Playground San Sero at City Milan (North Also). And he moved Toward 40 a thousand fan Atalanta From Bergamo To attend Meeting, They celebrated In a way raucous With a win Their team 4-1.

And prepare Italia From More Countries Hit PestilenceCoved-19 ” On level Deaths, With More From 33 a thousand death Declared. But Rate Injuries And deaths Witness Back off at Recently Last, What Made available For the country Dilution From Procedures Closure And insulation. And from Decision that Return Competitions League Italian For a ball Foot Consider From 20 June, behind door Closed.

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