I did not offend Abeer Shams El-Din and Ayman Reda


The Syrian actor denouncedMoatasem Al-NaharInterpretations and interpretations attributed to him because of what he posted on his account via a social networking site and deleted after a few minutes.
He told Al-Fan: “My words were general and I did not mean to any one particular, and I reject my accusation that Al-Asturi offended some colleagues, so I deleted them so that people would not take advantage of them to fish in troubled waters.”
Mutasim added: “I have not been offendedAbeer Shams Al-DinAndAyman Reda, And I do not accept myself originally to be offended to them, and they are dear colleagues, loved and loved their history, and since my beginnings I have been and still respect all colleagues and wish them good and good luck, and I did not harm my life to anyone. “
He stressed the spread of love in the Syrian artistic community, and the artists standing next to each other in good and bad times.
On the other hand, and in relation to his speech in the Egyptian dialect in the program “Most SakkaOn the mbc Egypt screen, he said: “I cherish my Syrian and my Syrian accents, but I spoke without accent because the presenter is Egyptian, the channel is Egyptian, and the audience in the studio is Egyptian, and the topic is simpler than taking other dimensions.”


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