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Edward: I changed my religious community for ...

Source: Maryam Mustafa – Toss News

The Egyptian artist announced Edward FouadFor the first time, he changed his religious community for the sake of his wife.

This came in a meeting, on Thursday evening, with the program “Sheikh Al-Hara”, which is presented by director Enas Al-Deghaidi, through the Egyptian satellite channel “Cairo and Al-Nas”.

Edward said that he changed his Christian community to the Orthodox community; Until he relates to the girl he loves, who is now his wife, saying: “I changed my religious sect because I love my wife and want to marry her … and I also had a better religious future for my children.”

The artist defended accusations of continuing in the artistic community with the support of a large medium, saying that “his success and the conviction of the public with his performance are the reason behind his continuation in the artistic community, and that the medium does not last in the art profession, because millions of viewers rule in it.”

Regarding the insult of the star Ahmed Eid for him in the movie “I am not with them”, he said that “Eid entered into a dispute with him during the filming of the film because of (Eve), where Eid addressed him with a sharp accent, saying:” I am the hero and I do not understand Evehat while I am. ”

Edward entered into a state of tears after asking the presenter of the program about his condition at the time of his mother’s death, saying: “Of course she broke because she was a mother and a father, especially after the death of my father.”

It is noteworthy that the “Sheikh Al-Hara” program is one of the talk shows that rely on exciting statements, revealing facts for the first time about stars of art, celebrities, sports and media.


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