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Despite the “existential” threats from American sanctionsHuawei continues its expansion, as witnessed by its headquarters in the southern city of Shenzhen, which hosts future engineers in the Chinese telecom giant in a fake European village of the site.

The second largest global group continues in the mobile phone market, targeted for a year and a half, by the Trump administration, which it suspects of spying for Beijing, To increase its revenue and employees.

Last week, Washington expanded its campaign against the Chinese group with the announcement of a series of measures to prevent “Huawei“From semiconductor development overseas based on American technology.

The Chinese group condemned what it considered an “arbitrary” and “harmful” decision by Washington, noting at the same time that its main goal now is to “continue”.

However, given the statements of the managers of the global leader in the fifth generation equipment, Huawei’s ambitions are still the same.


Ryan Liu, associate director at Huawei University where the group’s employees train, acknowledges that American pressure “naturally raises concerns”.

“But I have been working in Huawei for several years and I am sure the company will lead us on the right path,” he assures to AFP.

And since “Huawei” became the end of 2018 the indirect victim of the American trade war against China, the number of employees in the group in the world increased from 180 thousand people to 194 thousand, according to the administration.

Its global revenue increased by 19% last year.

Profound effect

However, the latest US sanctions “will have a major impact on Huawei” if they are actually applied, according to expectations by Kelsey Broderick, analyst at the “Eurigia” consulting group.

She believes that depriving the group of American slides will make it difficult for them to find alternative materials in China.

In the past, Washington has repeatedly postponed the application of its sanctions to spare negative US providers of “Huawei” providers.

Broderick says the issue in this area “is whether the sanctions are going to be implemented in a truly determined manner.”

However, the pressure may last long.


Guo Ping, the group’s acting president, said this week that Washington feared losing its technical advance for Chinese companies.

At the “European” headquarters, where “Huawei” houses about 25,000 employees, workers hope that the hostility of Donald Trump will positively reflect on the group founded by a former engineer in the Chinese army.

And after being deprived of Google’s Android operating system, Huawei is forced to accelerate the development of its own Harmony OS system, which it revealed last year.

As for the electronic chips, Huawei is intensifying its efforts to produce it through its subsidiary Hi Silicon.

Psychological pressure

“This challenge (from the United States) will plunge us into a crisis atmosphere, but our response is to do our job to the fullest, knowing that this will pay off in the end,” Liu said.

His “university” offers management or technology classes as well as 15-day training for new employees, with mandatory exercise in the morning.

It also offers psychology classes for training in how to manage stress from anti-US steps.


“The world is full of mystery and we have to adjust our thinking,” Liu explains.

The American pressures gave Huawei a place similar to the national hero in China, but its campus is made up of a series of “European villages” named “Paris”, “Bologna” and “Heidelberg”, with engineering similar to that of these cities.

Work has been completed in eleven villages connected with orange and red trains, while work is currently under way on a 12th village.


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