How to copy text from paper to a computer using Google Lens


Google announced last week the addition of a new feature to the application (Google Lens) Google Lens It allows users to scan handwritten texts or documents, and copy them to its text-editing service Document.

Here’s how to copy text from paper to the laptop using Google Lens:

The new feature provides an application Google Lens Users have the ability to scan texts, whether printed or handwritten, via the phone’s camera, and paste them directly into the laptop in the Google Docs app Google Document, Without the need for any manual copies, according to what the Arab Portal for Technology News published.

But there are some requirements to use this feature:

First, you must use the latest version of Google Chrome.

Second: You must log in to the same Google Account on both the phone and the laptop, then follow these steps:

Convert texts
Convert texts

Open an app Google Lens.

Click the text message icon at the bottom of the menu.

Point the camera at the text or image you want to scan.

Press the button to take a picture.

Convert texts
Convert texts

The app will automatically mark any text it recognizes in the image, but you can use your finger to select the text you want to copy.

If you want to copy everything, tap the (select all) Select all.

Click on “Copy to Computer”. Copy to Computer.

You will be presented with a list of all the computers on which you have logged into a Google account in the Google Chrome browser.

Click on the device you want to share the text with.

You will receive a pop-up notification on your computer when you open the Google Chrome browser that text has been sent from your phone, and that it is in your clipboard (copied to your clipboard).

Open the Google Docs app, right-click and select (Paste) Paste To insert the copied text into your computer.

How to copy text from paper to a computer using Google Lens

In addition to this new feature in the application Google Lens Google also added other updates:

Learn new words and how to pronounce them: You can use the application to translate words into more than 100 languages ​​including Spanish, Chinese, and others, by directing the camera to the text, and training to pronounce words or phrases that are difficult for you to pronounce, by selecting them in the text and pressing the (Listen) button ) the new.

Quick search for words that you do not understand: If you come across a word or phrase that you do not understand in a book or newspaper, you can use the application to define the complex phrase, and search for it in the included Google search results to find out more about it quickly.

The application is freely available for iPhone and iPad users in the App Store, and for Android devices users in Google Play.


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