Hope to resume offers in September


Those responsible for the “Bolshoi” closed because of the Coruna virus, hope that its dancers and singers will return to the stage from mid-September 2020, as confirmed by the director of the ancient theater in Moscow, Vladimir Oren (73 years), in an interview with Agence France-Presse.And if this “optimistic scenario” is correct, the exercises will resume at the end of next July, leaving enough time for the artists to regain their fitness, according to Oren.
However, the director of «Bolshoi» acknowledged that this theater will not resume its activities until after the lifting of the restrictions imposed to combat the spread of the virus in Russia. He also pointed out that the public will be able to adhere to measures of social separation and setting up of masks, but this matter is not applicable to the stage. He said, “A musical theater with masks, gloves, and spacing for one and a half meters. This is all impossible.”
As with all Moscow theaters, the “Bolshoi”, which was founded in 1776, did not offer any offers since March 16, the date of the temporary ban on all major public activities in Russia.
Oren pointed out in the interview that he conducted from a room overlooking the historical red and golden stage of the theater, that he is still constantly visiting the site, noting at the same time that artists are the ones who suffer the most from home stone because they lose valuable time in this stage, which is at their highest levels Physical: “Stopping for more than six months is a serious occupational problem (…) especially at the ballet level.” He added, “The morale is not good next, and (the artists) all want to return and resume the exercises.”
On the financial front, Oren acknowledged that “everything will be fine …” the Bolshoi “have enough reserves to survive.” Speech following the announcement by the Russian government of $ 51.7 million in aid to support the culture. “Of course, the ‘Bolshoi’ situation was good in our work stages,” Oren continued. So we have acceptable financial stocks and we have maintained government funding for us. ”
With regard to the plan to return to work, Oren acknowledged that it depended on the lifting of mandatory quarantine measures in Moscow scheduled for this May 31, stressing that it was based on “people who know the situation better” with the authorities. He explained that the role of opera and other ballet teams in the world seems more pessimistic, stressing at the same time that the first performances planned in the “Bolshoi” will not include foreign artists because of the restrictions imposed on the movements.
Vladimir Oren concluded by saying that the crisis of the Corona virus will have two other effects, namely the decrease in the number of offers and the decrease in costs, a strength that is available only to government theaters.
Note that the premiere of a ballet performance was to be adapted from the novel “The Teacher and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov, with “Bolshoi” reopening its doors. However, he was postponed because the choreographer, Eduard Cluj, had Romanian citizenship.


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